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webEDGE Student Portfolio Service

Digital Presentment of State Based & District Administered
Assessment Parent Reports

EDGE has been providing the educational community with flexible distribution solutions for more than twenty years and in 2013 we released our webEDGE student portfolio service.

This solution allows districts to digitally present their state based as well as District Administered assessment parent reports via the parent portal.  With the click of a button within your districts portal, parents are able to view images on-line-seamlessly.

Districts will be able to publish images for real time (24/7/365) unlimited viewing dramatically enhancing communication between district and parent.

Images can be viewed on mobile devices and are compatible with the majority of operating systems.

Our customized administration console will allow for district specific messages to the parents.  Districts will have the ability to maintain and manage the content appearing throughout the school year.

Reporting feature allows districts to verify what parent reports have been viewed or unviewed. These reports can be queried by date range and filtered accordingly. Parent reports not viewed can be printed/mailed as well as having a formatted CSV file provided to the district auto dialer.

Understanding the importance of data privacy to all organizations, EDGE is HIPPA compliant  in three critical areas (security, technical safeguards and access safeguards).

The webEDGE student portfolio is your districts path to a green parent presentment option. Ask us for additional information today!


District Benefits

  • Single Sign-On encompassing Dual Authentication providing required security related privacy regulations.
  • Enhancing communication between district and parent.
  • Paperless distribution
  • Immediate access for parents with ability to view, print, save and email images on demand.
  • Reduction in expense (postage and labor) associated with paper based distribution of these reports.
  • Elimination of reprint requests for parent reports as well as a reduction of incoming calls to the district office.
  • Low cost barrier of entry making this service readily available to districts of all sizes.
  • Archive feature will allow for images to be hosted over multiple school years.
  • Stored in PDF format for easy, prompt access.
  • Our customer service and reliable quality management of sensitive data makes EDGE a innovative leader in district communication with parents.

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